Dharma ilta tiistaina klo 19:00

Oikea toiminta; 5 ohjetta (eng. Precepts)
Tervetuloa Nirodha Lahden Dharma iltaan 11.syyskuuta klo 19:00.
HUOM: klo 19:00

Aloitamme hiljaisella meditaatiolla, joka jälkeen jatkamme sarjaa kahdeksanosaisesta polusta.

Tällä kertaa aiheena toinen kategoria kahdeksanosaisessa polussa, joka tunnetaan nimellä SILA; eli moraalinen käytös (oikea puhe, oikea toiminta, oikea elinkeino).

Kuuntelemme Dharmapuheen "sila on the 8-fold path", jonka jälkeen keskustelu aiheesta: onko kahdeksanosaisen polun noudattaminen tehnyt elämästäni taitavampaa, silmälläpitäen juuri edellä mainittuja polun kohtia.
Lopuksi hiljainen meditaatio.

Sydämellisesti tervetuloa! ♥


Seuraava Dharma ilta 11.syyskuuta

Nirodha Lahden seuraava Dharma ilta järjestetään 11. syyskuuta 2012 poikkeuksellisesti kello 19.
Katsotaan saammeko lisää istujia hieman myöhäisemmällä aikataululla, tällä hetkellä jotkut henkilöt kärsivät siitä, että istunnot alkavat klo 18.
Tarkoituksena olisi, ettei ilta kuitenkaan venyisi 20.30-20.40 pidempään.


Nirodha Lahti´s daylong was a success

Dutch Sangha Tegendestroomin´s  leader Frank Uyttebroeck led Nirodha Lahti´s daylong retreat August 11th 2012 in Finland.
The daylong was a success and the satisfied yogis returned home with new insights, inspiration, open hearts and happy smiles.

Here is Mr. Uyttebroeck´s greetings to all the participants:
Hi all,

It was a great joy leading the Nirodha Lahti daylong, last Saturday.
All you people at Nirodha Finland do a great job spreading the Dharma and I will gladly return to Finland to work with you all again.

To the yogi’s who were present I would like to offer my deepest gratitude. It was a pleasure sharing the practice and exchanging the Dharma together.
I bow to your practice!

Heavy metta!
Frank Uyttebroeck

Nirodha Lahti looks forward to practice the Dharma with Frank Uyttebroeck also in the future.


Registration expires tomorrow

Teaching in Las Vegas
Frank Uyttebroeck will be hosting a daylong retreat with Nirodha Lahti in August (more info about Frank and the daylong in previous posts).

In the morning the emphasis will be on Mindfulness practices and in the afternoon we will be focusing on “heart practices”, that are also known as Brahma Viharas.
The daylong begins at 10 AM.

There is still few open spots left, so it´s still possible for you to join this special event by sending an e-mail to:
nirodha.lahti@gmail.com and register!
Last registration date is tomorrow, July 17th

Uyttebroeck´s next daylong will be held in Hasselt, Belgium, August 25th.


Uyttebroeck´s greetings to Finnish yogis

Nirodha Lahti´s daylong retreat will be held August 11th 2012 (10 AM-6PM) with Frank Uyttebroeck. (see details about the daylong from previous post.)
Uyttebroeck sent his greetings last night to all Finnish yogis who are going to participate to the 11th of August daylong:

Hi all,
We're about to meet each other in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to this daylong experience of sitting with you all, talking Dharma and practicing together. I think it will be a very pleasant experience to form a temporary sangha of likeminded people, just for that one day: supporting each other in our practice and sharing silence and commitment together. I'm sure Tony Heino will have everything set up nicely so that we all can concentrate on our practice.
I hope that whatever I have to offer will benefit you all in one way or another. See you in August.

Heavy metta!
Frank Uyttebroeck

There is still some space left, so register today
nirodha.lahti@gmail.com and make sure you get to be part of this beautiful event.
Last day to register is July 17th.


Daylong w/ Frank Uyttebroeck

Frank Uyttebroeck
Nirodha Lahti´s daylong retreat will be held August 11th 2012 with Frank Uyttebroeck.
Daylong consists of sitting, walking and guided meditations.
There will also be a live Dharma talk and Q&A section at the end of the day.  

Here is more about Mr. Uyttebroeck:

Frank Uyttebroeck was born in Belgium, but at 23, he moved to the Netherlands with his double bass to apply his classical studies to jazz and rock music. After a band tour in Sri Lanka, he found he had a growing curiosity about Buddhism the power to transform the mind, and began a dharma practice in 1990. For the first five years, he practiced in the Tibetan tradition to an almost fanatic extent. But this way did not suit him and he started to find his own path. For some years, Frank studied and meditated on his own as he looked for teachers in the Netherlands and around Europe. He sat many retreats, including a three month retreat back in Sri Lanka. For the past 12 years, his practice has been in the Theravadan tradition.

In 2009, Noah Levine’s first retreat in the Netherlands brought Frank in contact with him. Frank had snatched up Dharma Punx and Against the Stream as soon as they hit the shelves. He was deeply drawn to Noah’s approach to the Buddha-dharma. As a result of their conversations about their personal approaches to practice and Frank’s obvious intention to teach the dharma, Noah invited Frank to join his facilitator training in LA.

In the Netherlands, Frank leads two Against the Stream meditation groups – Rotterdam and Amsterdam – and organizes and co-leads ATS retreats around Europe. Frank has also translated Noah’s The Heart of the Revolution into Dutch, which is now published in Europe. While Frank remains a music composer and arranger, his professional life is now becoming more dharma-oriented. He teaches meditation, works as a counselor, gives lectures on Buddhism in schools and businesses, and sits with the dying. Along with fifteen others, he is now in his second year of regular facilitator training in LA with both Noah Levine and Vinny Ferraro.
 The daylong will be held here from 10AM to 6PM.

You don´t want to miss this opportunity so send an e-mail to nirodha.lahti@gmail.com  and sign up today!
Last day to register is July 17th